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Friday, 27 March 2015


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Latest Property Investing News

Understanding Different Rental Types

“Investing 101” property investing says we buy a property, find a tenant and then rent it out, collecting income and capital growth over time. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this model. But this isn’t the only way to rent property, nor is it the best option in every situation. Market savvy property investors know that we need to tailor our property investing strategies to suit the market and that sometimes the best yields can be achieved by going beyond the typical long-term ... Continue Reading »

Act Now to Avoid Rising Interest Rates

Here in New Zealand we’ve seen the official cash rate (OCR) remain steady for quite some time but now there’s talk that this may soon change. When it changes is not the question - rates can and do change, that’s just the simple truth. What’s more important is that you’re ready to face changes to the markets, no matter what it might throw your way. To do this you must take a look at your long-term goals and shape your investing strategy to suit both your goals and your risk profile. ... Continue Reading »

Tenants are voting with their feet

Over a year ago I identified Wellington as an investors ‘hot spot’; the ‘perfect storm’ location for investors to purchase in!  Since then, I’ve heard other commentators doing the opposite, citing unemployment (due to corporate's leaving the capital) and the strong possibility of a significant earthquake in the capital city.  Whilst I firmly believe Wellington is a ‘hot spot’ for investors, it’s true that tenants are voting with their feet when it comes to choosing suitable housing, ... Continue Reading »

Auckland’s housing issue

You’ve heard it before, but Auckland’s housing problem is a multi-faceted issue. With the average number of people per house up to three, we are seeing a clear shortage in new building. Westpac’s chief economist, Dominick Stephens, has said that “the annual rate of new dwelling construction would have to double before we could say Auckland is building enough new houses to keep pace with population growth”. The latest plan to combat this problem is the Auckland City Council’s ... Continue Reading »

Investing in New Zealand real estate for Australians

The range of investment properties for sale in New Zealand presents an exciting opportunity for Australians and Kiwis, whether they’re new to the game or already have an established investment property portfolio, to make a smart real estate investment that will deliver both short and long term returns. Unlike other investment property companies in the Australia Pacific region, Positive have a long history involving many a property investors success story in NZ; we have the results to substantiate our theories and recommendations.

Our clients love how thorough and sensible we are with both our seminars and 1-to-1 consultancy. We can tell you where to buy investment property for the best future growth and opportunities, how to set your budget for property investment in New Zealand, and even guide you to the right investment property for sale to suit your circumstances and requirements. Find out more about what we have to offer; check out real Positive Real Estate reviews from our successful clients.

There are plenty of ways to find out about New Zealand property investment without taking any risks up front. It’s completely free to attend one of our two hour seminars, where you’ll get a thorough introduction to the services we offer and why our techniques and selection methods get the best results. You’ll learn what to look for in real estate investment properties, how to get the finance you need to build your portfolio rapidly, and how to make the most out of investing in property over time through tax depreciation and other methods. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in lifetime mentoring – or walk away with your free newfound knowledge, it’s up to you! Find out the next seminar date in your city and book here.

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