You need a new capital growth strategy.


Your capital growth strategy is about to expire… BUT you still have time to change that. I’ll tell you why. We aren’t sure what the market will do in the next 12 months. What we do know is that the financial landscape is changing, and it’s getting harder for property investors to invest. We also…

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How To Invest In 2017 – Strategy 1 of 5


As we discussed at the end of last year, there are no big “Auckland effect” surges of growth on the horizon for at least half a decade… so how are we profiting from real estate now? We have 5 approaches to putting serious wealth into our pockets during this time and you will learn about…

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Top 3 (Easily-Fixed) Airbnb Mistakes Hurting Your Profit


The bad news: These 3 mistakes are the most common mistakes Airbnb hosts make. And they’re hurting your profit due to 1) lost bookings and/or 2) not being able to achieve rental premiums. The good news: With a little resourcefulness, these mistakes are all very easy to fix.   [image via] #1: Having sucky…

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Wellington Northern expressway sparks Wellington buyers’ interest in Levin


[Via Manawatu Standard] Levin house sales are up 71 per cent from October 2014 as the Wellington Northern expressway sparks Wellington buyers’ interest. Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) statistics showed 48 houses sold in October 2016, up significantly from the 28 houses sold in October 2014. Compared to October 2015, there had been a…

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Rotorua property values rocketing


[Via Rotorua Daily Post] Median property values in Mangakakahi and Utuhina have jumped 30.3 per cent, with Fairy Springs and Western Heights close behind, according to the latest Quotable Value New Zealand E-Valuer report. Mangakakahi values increased from $197,000 to $256,000, while Utuhina rose from $246,750 to $321,450 in the 12 months to September 30.…

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Gone in 120 mins: 25 Queenstown sections


Via Otago Daily Times Twenty-five sections at one of Queenstown’s newest subdivisions were snapped up within two hours on Saturday. As the average house price in the resort hit $1 million, Melbourne-based developers RCL Group released stage three of its relatively affordable neighbourhood. Hanley’s Farm is a planned 1750-section development next to Jack’s Point golf…

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Christchurch property values rise 9.2 per cent


[Via Scoop] The 2016 rating revaluation shows the overall value of Christchurch property has risen by 9.2 per cent since the last general revaluation in 2013. Christchurch City Council contracted independent valuer Quotable Value (QV) to carry out the revaluation of 167,857 city and Banks Peninsula properties this year. Councils must undertake a general rating…

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5 Concepts That Are Transforming The Future Of Real Estate


Here are the 5 key market shakers that are transforming the way investors build their property portfolios to achieve growth in the new property landscape. 1. Globalisation 
The world has become smaller, and we can no longer think of New Zealand as being tucked away at the bottom on the planet. That’s why it’s important…

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Airbnb: Is it legal?


In New York, there has been a massive crackdown on Airbnb users. While it’s not illegal to rent out a room short term in New York, if you live in a permanent residential apartment building and rent out your entire apartment for less than thirty days, you are breaking the law. According to a report…

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Where is Christchurch’s ‘hidden’ property growth?


[Via Scoop] Christchurch Property Market Undergoing Major Transformation As More Homeowners Want New Builds CHRISTCHURCH, Thursday 13th October 2016: A leading home building company says recent QV figures showing Christchurch’s property market is “relatively flat” is masking the real truth – that homeowners are shunning earthquake-repaired homes in favour of building new. Golden Homes South…

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