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Learn about market timing and how to choose a great investment in any market

Find out how to build a property investment strategy to achieve your goals

Learn how to be more efficient with your debt structures, income and tax

Discover the tips and skills you need to identify capital growth locations

Will you benefit from a Property Investor Night?

Do you want to build wealth for the future? Do you want to reduce your debt? Are you looking to retire early and comfortably? Do you want to work less? Or do you want extra income?

If you answered yes to any of these, you'll benefit from a Property Investor Night. Property investment is incredibly versatile, and each investor should have a unique, tailored strategy for their goals.


A 'Property Investor Night' is a free 2-hour seminar that covers everything right from the basics (e.g. reducing your tax) to expert tips for picking investment hotspots.

You'll learn how a property investment strategy is built, and how you can start mapping out your own journey.

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The Rydges Hotel
8 November 2016

Auckland North

Bruce Mason Centre
18 October 2016


The George Hotel
1 November 2016


The Ibis Tainui
26 October 2016


Museum Art Hotel
25 October 2016


The Tauranga On The Waterfront
29 November 2016


The Rydges Hotel
13 October 2016

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